IV Tech Challenge

Our team won the challenge!

As part of a group of four students named Prometheus, we participated in an event organized by our university: University of Granada. We participated in the four edition of the so called Tech Challenge. It was sponsored by the company RTI who proposed the topic of the challenge: “create a distributed video system”. The goal was to simulate a start-up and create from scratch a prototype ready to go to the market. We did a market research, study of prices and present a full proposal with a working prototype.

Locaviewer application

Our proposal was a video-system for kindergartens. The objective was that parents could get a clear image of their baby only. For that, we tracked the position of the babies using a Bluetooth wearable device in the wrist. Then, using Bluetooth devices in the walls, we could locate the babies. That allow us to select the camera that had the best video for that person and stream only that video. To send and receive the sensor data and video we use the distributed protocol DDS with the implementation of RTI Connext DDS.

DDS design
Benito Palacios (pleonex)
Software Developer

Electrical engineer. C# / Python. Localization engineering, ROM Hacking and reverse engineering. Creating the ultimate fan-translation framework SceneGate.