Pokémon Conquest: NPC names

Research in the game Pokémon Conquest from NDS to get the location of the NPC names and the relationship with each dialog box.


Bachelor dissertation: _Data protection mechanisms in video games_.

El misterio de las claves de Pokémon Mundo Misterioso

[Spanish] Reverse engineering of the rescue mission key generation and validation in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (NDS).

Ni no kuni: El mago de las tinieblas

Game fan-translation of _Ni no Kuni: Shikkoku no Madoshi_ (Nintendo DS) from Japanese to Spanish.


Program to modify files from Nintendo DS games. Superseded by Yarhl.


_Yet Another ROM Hacking Library (Yarhl)_ is a quality-focused library for file format converters.

ROM Hacking Level 02: Imágenes

[Spanish] Image concepts and formats in games.

ROM Hacking Level 01: Textos

[Spanish] Text format, encoding and compression in games.

Destripando juegos: protecciones anti ROM Hacking

[Spanish] Data protection mechanisms in games.